At the September 17 American Mensa Committee (AMC) in Arlington, Texas, site of the American Mensa home office, we received updates on the implementation of the new Association Management System (AMS) which is ahead of schedule. Soon there will be a new set of tools available for local group leaders, and I’m looking forward to it. There will also be the inevitable growing pains as the old system is decommissioned and the new one takes its place, with occasional problems with connecting to the website, but these will be brief, and the results should be worth the slight temporary inconvenience.

A couple of motions were passed regarding topics that had raised a great deal of discussion in the online groups. One was to establish a Hearings and Dispute Resolution Process Review ad hoc committee to go over our existing AML processes. This committee is tasked to reorganize and condense the current process, and make recommendations for any changes, if necessary. There were also a couple of motions regarding Social Media policies, but the wording of the motions were still being updated among concerns that it appeared Local Groups would be required to appoint Social Media Coordinators, so the motions were postponed until the December meeting so they could have more review. While I encourage Social Media for our organization, and recommend that our Local Groups appoint coordinators in the same manner that they appoint Editors and Webmasters, I don’t want to burden any groups who already have difficulty finding volunteers with a requirement for yet another one.

For anyone interested, a 4 hour video recording of this meeting has been posted on the National website, and can be viewed by visiting and selecting 2016-09-17 – Arlington, TX from the dropdown. Mini-minutes are also available at this link; full detailed minutes will be posted after they have been approved at the December meeting.

Speaking of Social Media, 11 of the 12 groups in Region 10 now have Facebook groups (with some more active than others), so I encourage you to sign up for your local group’s site in order to get the most up-to-date information about activities in your area, since sometimes the items in your printed calendars can change at the last minute for unexpected reasons (venues closing, inconvenient Hurricanes, and other such complications).

Election season is almost over, and I’m sure most of you are glad to see an end to it. On the other hand, a new election season (this one for American Mensa) will be starting very soon, and our Election Committee is finalizing the 2017 Election Code, which will be published in the Mensa Bulletin and on the website. I’ll also be posting updates on the Region 10 Facebook page. All those interested in running for office must be members in good standing as of December 1, 2016. Petition details will be available when the Election Code is finished later in the fall.

In the meantime, to join the Region 10 Facebook group visit to request access and join the conversation.

Until next month (or until I see you online),

Thomas George Thomas